Walking For Hope: Breast Cancer Walk 2011

This was one of those moments in life you cherish, and one I will probably never forget.  Every year since my Mom died (2000) I’ve been lacing my sneakers, fighting the October chill, and joining tens and thousands of walkers in Washington Park for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.

This clearly wasn’t my first year, but it’s definitely one for the books…..or the blog.

This year my little sister, Sandy joined me as we walked in memory of our Mother (who died when I was eleven and Sandy was eight just shy of her ninth birthday).  We got to the walk just in time.  Literally, it started just as we got there.

As we started to walk, we we’re awe-stricken.  The site of all the people, the sea of pink supports took our breath away.  In all the years I’ve been walking in hope that a cure is soon on its way, I was taken back by all the supports who came out this year. There were mother’s walking with their girls; who were either survivors or in treatment and healthy enough to come out.  I was especially moved when I realized I was counting way more women wearing “Survivor” t-shirts, then the previous years.

I was so overwhelmed with by the feelings this cause created.  I felt myself tear up and become a little emotional, but tried hard not to lose it in front of my sister.  This is one of those moments I know my mother would have been proud to be a part of.  I know she would have loved it.  I walk in memory of her every year, but this year was different.  This has without a doubt been a rough year, although it wasn’t all bad, there were many times I wished she had been here.  But then again, she’s never really left me.  This year’s walk offered so much hope for me in endless ways.


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One thought on “Walking For Hope: Breast Cancer Walk 2011

  1. I started to tear up reading this. I know this yr has been one for the books for you, bu you know your mom is always there for you in so many ways. Also I’m here and all your other friends. Always 100% I love you. Keep this up ❤

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