Getting To Know Your Blogger : Intro

As most of you probably already know I decided to create this blog to provide an in depth look at what it’s like going through life living with Bipolar Disorder.  More specifically my experiences being newly diagnosed.

Although this is a huge part of my life; it’s not the only part.  I’m so much more than Bipolar.

I mentioned in my previous post ( that I was excited about the new addition that was coming to the family this week.  The arrival of Cassius inspired me to start a mini series on my blog.  I decided to call it Getting To Know Your Blogger.  This will be a series of random entries over time that offer a further look into aspects of my life that may or may not be impacted by BD.  In fact, (unlike this post) I may not even mention it.  I felt that if I was going to be broadcasting important aspects of my life, there may be other aspects that would benefit my readers from knowing about me.

Cassius inspired me to start this mini series because I was so excited to share the news of his expected arrival.  Between my animals, and my roommates our house is a borderline zoo.  They may not impact my BD very much, but they do mean the world me, and yes I do refer to them as my kids.  They’re the closest this I have to real kids, and for now – I’d like to keep it that way!



I got Georgia four years ago when she was only about five weeks old.  I got her from a Rescue that nursed her and her nine other siblings back to health, after being abandoned by her mother’s owner.  Georgia is chocolate lab/ German short-haired pointer.  She’s my pride and joy! The love of my life, and in my pack “first-born”.  She’s so well-behaved, playful, and so full of love.  She’s also got some crazy stories of happenings to go with her big goofy smile.

Ziggy Soul:Ziggy for short or “Little Man” is a Chinese Water Dragon.  I felt like expanding my family a little bit several months ago and thought this little guy was just too cool looking to pass up.  It’s definitely not hard to forget that he’s an exotic animal; between his terrarium set up, his diet, and his demeanor.  I’ve had Ziggy probably a little over six months now and he’s still very shy, except when it comes to his favorite hoodie.  There’s one hoodie in particular that he just loves.  If I’m wearing it while I’m holding him (usually on my shoulder), he’ll climb into the hood and will sit there for easily over an hour and throw a fit when I try to put him back in his tank.


Cassius (Cash for short) is another exotic creäture I own.  He’s a Sunday Conure (a type of parrot) that is a hybrid between a Sun Conure and a Jenday Conure.  He’s about six months old and should live until I’m about fifty of sixty.  He’s too young to talk just yet, but he mimic your mouth when you speak to him – he’s learning.  So far getting him to adjust to a new home hasn’t been a problem.  He’s definitely got quite the personality; he’s fun-loving, but has a mischeivious side too.  All-in-all he’s a feather ball of love, but all the other animals are terridied of him.  His noises scare Georgia, and Ziggy thinks he’s gonne be his next meal.

Although these guys may not always directly impact my BD, I can’t deny that they have some impact on my mood.  There are many gear grinding, stress filled days, when I just can’t wait to get home to the family that I love.  My family.

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3 thoughts on “Getting To Know Your Blogger : Intro

  1. I am not an animal lover – yet I love you and your love for your pets. I feel something especially electrifying and genuine coming from your posts today. This and the post about your cancer walk, is a gift for which I thank you.

  2. And I thank you for your warm heart and kinds words.

  3. It takes a very special person to care for animals the way you do.

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