Fall Festivities To-Do List 2011:

Everyone that knows me, knows that I just love this time of year – I just can’t get enough!  While other’s are facing denial that summer tragically met it end, I’m embracing the crisp chill in the are, the art hanging from the branches of trees, the tricks, treats, and terrors the embody this time of year.  This year I decided to follow in the foot steps of my friend Heather thenheathersaid.com, and make a To-Do list of all the things I would like to experience by time Halloween arrives.

1) Pumpkin Carving;

2)  Apple Picking;

3) Festive Baking;  Being that I have Celiac’s and Lactose Intolerant I decided this year I’m going to give Betty Crocker a run for her money, and attempt baking on my own.  Although I do cook and bake, baking Gluten-Free is much more challenging .

4)  Rooaaadddd Trip!!!; Although I’ve been to Salem before, I thought a Day Trip may help to put myself and my friends in the Halloween Spirit (in case we didn’t have enough of that already).  Heather also recommended a trip too Sleepy Hollow, mainly because of her love/obsession with Presidential history fun facts (just one of the many reasons why I love you), but also see what the place that inspired Washington Irving to write “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.

5) Scary Movie Night; Now, I plan this every year, and every year I am the only one in attendance because many of my friends do not like scary movies.  Seeing how I’ve made many new friends this year I’m determined to not be the only one alone in my house, hugging the popcorn bowl.

6) Dress Up;  Hunt for a costume or make it myself.  I’ve actually already found my costume.  I felt like I needed a costume that pretty much summed up my year thus far, and yes, I’ve found it.  Stay tuned, this will be reviled in a later post.  So to complete my photo montage, here’s a picture of me with some friends at last years Halloween Party.

I was supposed to be a 1950’s pin-up, but got too frustrated with my hair to complete the look.

7) Haunted Festivities;  Every year my friends and I visit local haunted hayrides and haunted houses in the area.  We went last year and it got me thinking – I’m getting way too old for this.  Truthfully I don’t think I’m getting too old  – I’m twenty-two!  So this year I decided to vamp up my to-do list and add the The Headless Horseman Hayride (http://www.headlesshorseman.com/).  This was even featured on the Travel Channels Top 10 Scariest Halloween Attractions

Now, I plan to be realistic.  I know that I have a lot on my plate right now so my goal is to do as much as I can, and not beat myself up for what I don’t accomplish because this is supposed to be fun!  But I promise to keep all of you posted as I tackle one thing on this list at a time.  Happy Halloween!

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One thought on “Fall Festivities To-Do List 2011:

  1. this list makes me SO EXCITED! (clearly. for many reasons. xo)

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